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In November 2008, Ms. Katchen began work for Fox News Radio on an as-assigned basis.

She served as a versatile inside reporter on brush fires, a mass shooting, hot button California legislation of national interest and the April 11 arrest of a Sunday school teacher suspected in the murder of an eight-year old girl. She also covered the national rollout of Nintendo's latest device (DSi) at Hollywood's Universal CityWalk on-scene.

Ms. Katchen covered full seasons of American Idol, providing wraps of 30-35 secs (examples below) as well as network specification pieces (timed to exactly 59.5 seconds) posted on the network's website as featured podcasts.

Demos below are in examples in the MP3 format.

April 11, 2009: Sunday school teacher arrested / murder of 8 yr-old girl

Live shot (fast phoner)

Wrap / filed

On Scene Event / Nintendo DSi launch / Universal CityWalk

People who like games and technology can now buy Nintendo's newest portable game gizmo. (opens with sound)

Breaking news (inside reporting)

[top of hour lead story] Authorities have found a ninth body in the burned ruins of that suburban Los Angeles house that was the site of a Christmas Eve party shooting rampage.

[top of hour lead story] Three major fires in southern California, two in the Los Angeles area now, but that doesn't mean a couple of the previous four have been suppressed, only that three of them have linked up into one

American Idol reports

Last night's American Idol auditions are in Louisville...home of the Kentucky Derby.

Tension in Tinsel Town in the group round of American Idol. (opens with Simon Cowell).

Thousands of American Idol hopefuls line up in New York City and San Juan Puerto Rico.

Viewers have decided the first three finalists in American Idol's top 12.

It's another night when viewers decide the next three American Idol finalists.

We'll find out tonight the last three American Idol contestants to be chosen by viewers, after an evening of solid performances. (opens with singing)

Viewers have picked their last three American Idol finalists...and judges select singers who get another chance tonight.

A country showdown for 11 American Idol finalists this week. (opens with Simon)

We learn tonight how America voted after American Idol finalists sang Motown hits. (opens with music)

Prior air work

Audio samples from KFWB radio ("all news 980"), Los Angeles (1986-2002, 2004-2008), click here

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